Sector Governor Adelhard announces start of sector-wide security operations. In statement, Governor Adelhard declares “a return to law and order in the Greater Javin.”    

Season 2: Anoat

Episode 2.01: Milk Money

Mataou, Anoat sector
Month 5, 4 ABY

Following up on a routine shipment, the crew investigate a missing farmer and discover a spice-running operation… and walk away with an unexpected cargo.

Episode 2.02: A Day in the Strife

Anantapar/Bendeluum, Anoat sector
Month 6, 4 ABY

After crossing the Ivax Syndicate, the crew are led into a conflict with no clearly defined battle lines.

Previous Seasons

Season 1: Grand Trandosha

Recaps of Season 1 episodes can be found here.

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Star Wars: Fragments from the Rim

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