Season 1

Season 1 – Grand Trandosha

Pilot: Escape from Syngra

Syngra, Kanz sector
Month 10, 2 ABY
“Rebel scum!”
ISB Guard

Focus: Group

After escaping from certain incarceration on the hellish mining world of Syngra and evading Imperial custody, four wanted individuals sign on as crew on the Grand Trandosha, an L4000 transport owned by an venerable Trandoshan, Kesshak, better known as The Captain.

Additions: Sinoca Meeku, Rodian Ace (Pilot); Tray’Essek, Trandoshan Hired Gun (Marauder); Kai An’Dov, Bothan Colonist (Doctor); Khyphon-4, Droid Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer)

Episode 1.01: Old Debts

Takodana, Tashtor sector / Daalang, Daalang sector
Month 4, 3 ABY
“If you’ve come to kill me, it’s going to take a lot more than the three of you.”
— Foss Cabren

Focus: Group

The crew visits pirate queen Maz Kanata and takes on the ailing Captain’s final mission: travel to Daalang and find Maz’s old friend, Foss Cabren. They find the archaeologist on the swamp planet, but it looks like he was waiting for more than just a courtesy call…

Additions: Cadan Limpan, Duros Technician (Outlaw Tech)
Other Events: Battle of Hoth and evacuation of Echo Base. Death of Luke Skywalker, the “Hero of Yavin”.
New Contacts: Maz Kanata, Foss Cabren

Episode 1.02: Maz’s Children

Daalang, Daalang sector / Takodana, Tashtor sector / Nar Shaddaa, Hutt Space
Month 4, 3 ABY
“Tell me … what do you know of the Force?”
— Maz Kanata

Focus: Group

The crew and Foss realize they’re on the same side. After narrowly avoiding Imperial troops closing in on their position, the crew return to Takodana with Foss Cabren. There, Maz and Foss give the crew another mission: find the Jedi who went into hiding after the Great Jedi Purge. Their first contact is a librarian named Kavra Krin, who currently serves in the employ of notorious gambling kingpin Gruuba the Hutt.

Episode 1.03: Chalacta Blitz

Nar Shaddaa, Hutt Space / Chalacta, Kastolar sector
Month 4, 3 ABY
“You owe me! I’m getting my money one way or the other!”
— Starat

Focus: Sinoca

In order to get Gruuba’s attention, Sinoca enters into a swoop race on Chalacta. Starat, a Chiss associate of Khyphon-4, arranges for a swoop through Abza, an aqualish loan shark. Sinoca places 5th while the crew avoids separate double-crosses by both Abza and Starat.

New Contacts: Starat, Abza

Episode 1.04: Marathon Anchorage

Nar Shaddaa, Hutt Space / The Roil, Gordian Reach
Month 5, 3 ABY
“We have a space station! And it makes booze!”
— Trey’Essek

Focus: Cadan

An audience with Gruuba the Hutt and a chance meeting with Neimoidian Jod Maaro, Cadan’s former lawyer, leads to the discovery of Marathon Anchorage, an abandoned Separatist supply depot… and Ephaan Kenzon, the Jedi in drunken exile there. Kavra Krin reveals a secret, and the crew makes a deal with the Rebel Alliance.

Other Events: Death of the Captain. De facto ownership transfer of the Grand Trandosha.
New Contacts: Kavra Krin, Gruuba the Hutt, Jod Maaro, Ephaan Kenzon

Episode 1.05: Resolute

Arda, Gordian Reach
Month 12, 3 ABY
“I’m going to remember your face.”
— Lady Typhon

Focus: Group

The Rebel Alliance asks the crew to travel to Arda to investigate the failed extraction of a defector’s family. There they follow a trail of clues to the Arda City Spaceport. After sparking a riot, the crew encounters the fallen Jedi Lady Typhon, who kills the defector’s family in front of the crew. Upon returning to Marathon Anchorage, the crew learns the identity of the defector: Imperial Admiral Firmus Piett, commander of Vader’s infamous Death Squadron.

New Contacts: Rebel Alliance Lieutenant Nala, Lady Typhon, former Imperial Admiral Piett

Episode 1.06: Homecoming

The Roil, Gordian Reach
Month 2, 4 ABY
“I will not miss you, but your absence will be noted.”
— Zeke

Focus: Group

Lieutenant Nala discovers Zeke sending coded transmissions using Marathon Anchorage’s high power transmitter into an uncharted region of the Outer Rim. While investigating, the crew discovers a pair of Jawas that Zeke has hidden in the refinery section. Zeke finally admits he has been in contact with droids in deep space who have established their own subsector and rule a dozen planets as dictators. He convinces the crew to take him there so he can return to his people in an emotional farewell. Meanwhile, a Rebel pilot reports to Kai, claiming he saw something out in the junkyard while on maneuvers. The crew investigates and discovers a host of B1 battle droids still active on a derelict Separatist frigate.

New Contacts: Rebel Alliance pilot Rafe “Rez” Resan

Episode 1.07: Old Wounds

The Roil, Gordian Reach
Month 3, 4 ABY
“You’re protecting organics? Well, your organics are dead.”
— Kai

Focus: Kyphon

The crew investigates the Munificent-class frigate they discovered last episode. The crew discovers an erstwhile conflict between B1 battle droids in the fore and aft sections of the ship. The droid factions had received conflicting orders, with the fore section commanded to destroy all organics and the aft section being commanded to protect them. The crew makes contact with the aft section droids and discovers the last organics died on board the ship a decade prior; something the droids had no awareness of. The crew clones the signal keeping the aft droids tethered to the ship, and uses their newfound mobility to strike against the computer core of the fore section. Ultimately the fore droids are disabled, allowing the crew to take a small number of droids, including two droidekas, back with them to Marathon Anchorage to be reprogrammed.

Other Events: Defeat of the Rebel Alliance at Endor with heavy losses of capital assets and command staff; second Death Star heavily damaged and rendered non-operational.

Episode 1.08: Patched In

Pajool, Thrasybule sector
Month 10, 3 ABY

“I hope you understand. It’s only business.”
— Zuckuss

Focus: Trey

The crew arrives on Pajool and immediately bump into some old friends. They go on to make contact with Trey’s old contact Zuckuss, who double-crosses the crew and attempts to collect on the bounty the cartel put out on Trey. The crew foil Zuckuss’ plans, leaving him in a locked battle with a hungry nexu. On return to the Grand Trandosha, they encounter Ixx and a crew of Bando Gora terrorists. Ixx challenges Trey, but the crew gain the upper hand and vaporize him with the ship’s weapons. Afterwards they communicate with a representative of the Broker, who warns Trey of the Bando Gora and their certain plans for revenge…

New Contacts: Florian Dane, majordomo of The Jewel; Tanu Evesh, intermediary for the Broker

Episode 1.09: The Trace/Seven Devils

The Roil, Gordian Reach; Droxine, Esstran sector
Month 11, 3 ABY
“It’s time to go.”
— Kavra Krin

Focus: Group

The crew responds to a probe droid signal that has revealed the location of Marathon Anchorage to unknown parties. Following the path of the signal, they encounter, subdue, and capture one of Moff Kurtz’s Seven Devils… who is revealed to be Kenzon’s thought-to-be-dead padawan. The crew receives word that Marathon Anchorage has been boarded by Imperial forces, but all principals escape to a rendezvous in the Roche system. There, the crew parts ways with Kenzon, Kavra Krin, and the refugees, with Kai deciding to travel out to the hidden Jedi refuge as well. The rest of the crew arrange for the death of their prisoner, and then exchange ships and vehicles for a new ride: a Gozanti light cruiser. They decide that with the loss of Marathon Anchorage and with Moff Kurtz thinking them dead, a change of location and career might be in order…

Season 1

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