Grand Trandosha


The Grand Trandosha is an old L4000 Gallofree Yards Maka-Eekai L4000 transport that has been in service since the early days of the Clone Wars. It has had only one owner, the Trandoshan trader captain Kesshak. Kesshak almost never deals in illicit goods, preferring to carry legitimate cargoes when possible.

The Grand Trandosha features little in the way of structural modification, with only minor changes to the mid deck layout. While requiring only a single crewmember for operation, the Grand Trandosha traditionally operates with at least four crew with single berths and flight deck stations for each. In addition to captain’s quarters, a VIP berth, and the single berths, there is additional shared space for four additional crew or passengers. The L4000 is one of the largest light transports in service, being twice the length of the more ubiquitous CEC YT-1300 light freighter and two-thirds the length of the GR-75 medium transport, also from Gallofree Yards.


The Grand Trandosha allows for itinerant crew to come on board so there is some turnover in crew, with the current core of the crew having been in place for the past six months. The only crewmember who has been on board for longer is Kesshak’s R2z-series starship maintenance droid, nicknamed “Zeke”; it is hard to tell where Zeke falls in terms of crewmember vs. property, but he has his own distinct personality, having never been memory-wiped, and is intensely loyal to the Captain.

The current crew roster is as follows:

Crewmember Species Role Routine Tasks Ownership Tenure
Kesshak Trandoshan Captain Oversight, Logistics 96% ———
R2z-KE “Zeke” R2z-series Droid Maintenance Starship Consumables, Starship Maintenance 0% 12 years
Kai An’Dov Bothan Ship’s Doctor Crew Health 1% 7 mos.
Trey’Essek Trandoshan Security Personnel Protection 1% 7 mos.
Khyphon-4 Custom-model Droid Security Asset Protection 0% 7 mos.
Sinoca “Sin” Meeku Rodian Pilot Lead Pilot 1% 7 mos.
Neebool Ithorian Comms Comms, Computer Systems 2% 6 mos.
Sian Sovv Sullustan Gunner Crew Consumables, Cooking 3% 5 mos.
Cadan Limpan Duros Engineer Astrogation, Crew Asset Repair and Maintenance 1% 3 mos.


Kesshak currently owns 91% of the Grand Trandosha. Given Kesshak’s terminal diagnosis, he has begun to offer 100 shares of the transport at 1,250 credits per share. Once he reaches at least 75% of shares sold, he will turn over the master key to a crewmember (or group of crewmembers) who hold over 50% of the shares. With the revenue, he plans to pay for his funeral on Trandosha and pass on the remainder to his extended family. Nine of the shares have been sold to date; one to Sin, one to Trey, one to Kai, one to Cadan, and two to Neebool, and three to Sian.


Upper Deck

Grand Trandosha, Upper Deck

Mid Deck

Grand Trandosha, Mid Deck

Lower Deck

Grand Trandosha, Lower Deck

Auxiliary Craft

The Grand Trandosha currents sports two auxiliary craft berthed on the lower deck:

  • Modified JG-8 landpseeder (can seat 3 passengers, rather than two)
  • Refurbished Daggerstar Revival-model swoop racer (unstable high-speed aerodynamics; at Speed 4+)

Grand Trandosha

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