Marathon Anchorage

Marathon Anchorage is a Separatist-origin gas refinery and supply depot located in the atmosphere of the gas giant Marathon-6 in orbit of the post-supernova star Marathon, located deep in the Roil, part of the Gordian Reach.

Marathon Anchorage is characterized by three disk-like rings that form the primary habitable superstructure. Each ring is separated into six modular lobes, with the mid ring staggered in relation to the upper and lower ring. The central spire contains central command facilities at the very top, and primary life support and power generation lower down. Each lobe is connected to the central spire and to adjacent lobes by means of walkable corridors. Movement between rings is via a central turbolift shaft that features a single passenger elevator and a larger freight elevator.


Central Spire

Central Command: This is the command and control center for Marathon Anchorage. Staff stationed here can monitor refinery activities, life support, power generation, and security measures for the entire station; currently, only passive security measures (cameras, motion sensors) are present. This facility grants occupants Computers, Leadership, and Vigilance checks when concerning station activities and operations.

Four lateral docking ports allow for vessels up to Silhouette 5 to dock with access to the central spire; however, refueling is not possible from these ports.

Upper Ring

Lobe 1: Residential. This lobe holds wardrooms and communal living spaces for a dozen station crew and guests. There are six single wardrooms for senior crew and six single wardrooms for VIPs/guests.

Lobe 2: Training facility (inactive). This facility, once refurbished, will provide living quarters to accommodate a full platoon of soldiers (4 squads of 9 soldiers each), as well as equipment and facilities necessary to train them to serve in the Rebel Alliance. This includes combat simulators, lecture halls, and gyms.

Lobe 3: Medical facility: This infirmary is stocked to handle battlefield injuries and any other medical crises.

Lobe 4: Construction of Lobe 4 was never completed by the original Neimoidian builders. In order for it to be useable, it will require a complete rebuild due to superstructure deterioration.

Lobe 5: Unfinished. This lobe is simple superstructure. It is pressurized, with basic life support and finished walls, but is otherwise bare.

Lobe 6: Unfinished. This lobe is simple superstructure. It is pressurized, with basic life support and finished walls, but is otherwise bare.

Mid Ring

Lobes 1-2: Hangar space/repair bay. These hangar spaces can each hold up to a total of 18 Silhouette of starfighters or small civilian craft.

Lobes 3-4: Hangar space (inactive). These hangar spaces, once refurbished, will be able to hold up to a total of 18 Silhouette of starfighters or small civilian craft.

Lobe 5: Unfinished. This lobe is simple superstructure. It is pressurized, with basic life support and finished walls, but is otherwise bare.

Lobe 6: Unfinished. This lobe is simple superstructure. It is pressurized, with basic life support and finished walls, but is otherwise bare.

Lower Ring

Lobes 1-5: Gas harvesting and refining. Larger (Silhouette 4+) vessels wishing to refuel must dock to the any of the lower ring ventral docking nodes and refuel via integrated fuel transfer lines. Docking via the lower ring provides pedestrian access to the station itself.

Lobe 6: Laboratory (inactive). Once refurbished, this lobe can be equipped with lab facilities where scientists and engineers can safely conduct experiments, create new devices, and seek various technological breakthroughs. This was primarily used for Separatist experiments into advanced fuels, but can be refurbished in a more general manner.


Costs: The cost to refurbish or upgrade a lobe is shown below. The cost to convert an unfinished lobe to a new module or to convert one module to another module is twice the listed price of the new module. The cost to rebuild Upper Ring Lobe 4 is approximately 100,000 credits.

Revenue: The arrangement with Rebel Alliance means that they are the sole consumer of traditional refinery products for Marathon Anchorage. However, the extreme difficulty of exporting bulk refinery products through the Roil means that Marathon Anchorage would have no traditional customers otherwise. The agreement with the Rebel Alliance allows them to use Marathon Anchorage as a full-facility supply depot, including full use of the refinery facilities and products. In exchange, the Rebel Alliance honors the crew’s claim of salvage on the station and facilities itself and provides de facto defense and technical capability via the regular rotation of starfighters. In addition, the refinery’s secondary alcohol products provide the each PC with a steady net income of 250 credits per month.

Module notes:

Residential (1/1; 2,000c): The wardrooms in the residential lobe provide comfort and space without being palatial in size. Each wardroom provides a living area, refresher, and personal storage space.
Training Facility (0/1; 15,000c): At the GM’s discretion, the Player Characters may call upon trainees or instructors to assist with a current mission. In addition, when selecting this upgrade, choose one of the following skills: Brawl, Gunnery, Knowledge (Warfare), Melee, Ranged (Light), or Ranged (Heavy). This skill is the training curriculum’s focus, and counts as a career skill for all PCs operating out of the base.
Hangar/repair bay (2/4; 8,500c): Due to the design of the station infrastructure, hangar lobes can only accommodate vessels of Silhouette 3 or lower. Each also includes a full set of mechanics’ tools (allowing characters to perform Mechanics checks to heal droids or repair vehicles or starships without penalty), and an oil bath for droids. When used to repair starships or vehicles, the character repairs 2 additional hull trauma or 2 additional system strain on a successful check.
Laboratory (0/1; 5,000c): A laboratory includes a full suite of scientific implements (allowing characters to perform Computers, Knowledge, Medicine, and Mechanics checks for experimental purposes without penalty). Additionally, characters in a laboratory add to such checks thanks to the safety equipment.
Medical facility (1/1; 6,000c): The medical facility has cots and treatment space for five patients, medical supplies (allowing characters to perform Medicine checks without penalty), and two bacta tanks with supplies of bacta. This upgrade may be taken up to three times, increasing the number of patients it can accommodate by five and the number of bacta tanks by one each time.
Gas Harvesting and Refining (5/5; 2,500c): Due to the altered chemistry in Marathon-6’s atmosphere, a byproduct of the fuel refining process is a form of alcohol that can be consumed by most species. Each gas refining and harvesting lobes can be upgraded to increase refinery efficiency and thus the amount of consumable byproduct. Each lobe can be upgraded four times at the printed cost (for twenty total refinery upgrades). Each refinery upgrade adds 50 credits to each PC’s income from the station.
Armory (0/0;® 9,500c): The base includes a substantial store of weapons, armor, and basic military equipment sufficient to properly outfit a full squad of soldiers for an extended period. Equipment and tools necessary to keep gear in good repair are also present (allowing characters to perform Mechanics checks to repair and modify weapons and armor without penalty). The facility is also stocked with any weapons and equipment that would have a modified rarity of 5 or lower. Access to gear with a higher rarity is subject to GM discretion. This upgrade can be taken only once.
Research Library (0/0; 3,000c): The base has a set of computers, databases, or other informational archives that allow its occupants to reference relevant materials as necessary. A research library contains reference materials on all manner of subjects (allowing characters to make Knowledge checks to acquire information without penalty). This upgrade can only be taken once.
Unfinished (2/2; —): Unfinished lobes can be converted into any available module, but incur a cost of twice the standard price.

Marathon Anchorage

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